About Us


Wellnx Life Sciences Inc. was founded in 2000 and since that time has become one of the leading developers and marketers of nutritional weight-loss supplements in North America. As a leader in the weight-loss category, Wellnx is proud to have its brands distributed in major retailers throughout the United States and Canada. From mass merchandisers to drug stores and food stores, as well as many specialized health and wellness retailers, you will find Wellnx products throughout North America.


Wellnx Life Sciences is a dynamic, leading-edge nutritional supplement company that delivers some of the highest quality and most innovative and effective products in the world.

Since 2000, people have relied on our brands to deliver the health benefits and results they want, with formulas based on key ingredients with sound, scientific support, and produced with total commitment to quality and excellence. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, we are a family of three national brands and a broad variety of best-selling products that can be found in major retailers throughout North America and worldwide.


People are the cornerstone of Wellnx. The commitment employees make to Wellnx is rewarded through a shared responsibility to personal and professional growth in a supportive, encouraging and respectful environment. Our commitment to this philosophy is reflected in the dynamic culture we encourage in our company and the high standards of customer service we deliver to our customers and consumers. We support our people in pursuing a healthy lifestyle by providing comprehensive health insurance, flexible working hours and fitness club memberships.


Science is the backbone of our products. We diligently identify and source key ingredients that are supported by comprehensive clinical substantiation of their effectiveness. We believe that scientific research must underlie each of our products to ensure we are contributing to the overall health and weight-loss goals of our consumers.


At Wellnx, we are passionate about quality. From sourcing high-quality key ingredients with clinical substantiation, to ensuring our manufacturing partners employ processes of the highest standard and are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices, to carrying out a rigorous analytical testing program on our finished products, our passion for quality is evident in everything we do.